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Exmouth LETS uses a virtual currency, called the Cockle. All services are priced at the rate of 10 Cockles per hour. For the purposes of pricing goods, 1 Cockle can be regarded as the rough equivalent of £1. To help you start trading, new members are credited with 5 Cockles. Your account does not need to be in credit for you to trade.






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You can register for an account online. However, before your account can be activated, you need to pay an annual subscription of £5. We offer three methods of payment:

1) PayPal (instant payment)
2) Cheque
3) Cash

For PayPal, use the button below. (Your payment will be £5.38, which includes fees from PayPal.)

Cheques for £5 should be made payable to Exmouth LETS, to Exmouth LETS, c/o 9 Clarence Road, Exmouth, Devon EX8 1LE. Cash can also be hand-delivered to the same address. Please include your name, username, postal address, telephone number and email address with your cheque or cash.


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