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Exmouth LETS uses a virtual currency, called the Cockle. All services are priced at the rate of 10 Cockles per hour. For the purposes of pricing goods, 1 Cockle can be regarded as the rough equivalent of £1. To help you start trading, new members are credited with 5 Cockles. Your account does not need to be in credit for you to trade.






public directory The public directory shows all the offers / requests avaliable on the system. However, it does not show any member or personal information.
Offer / Request Category Description / Details
offer Catering/Food Soup/Jam/Stew making (A/E)
offer Catering/Food Cake decoration
offer Tuition Breadmaking tuition
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Communal games - running games events
offer Catering/Food Cooking (E)
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Handmade pottery (E,Q)
offer Business/Office Proof reader (E)
offer Domestic/Family Shopping/Internet shopping (E!)
offer Miscellaneous Info and lifts local Buddhist groups
offer Tuition Vocational coaching
offer Business/Office Writing (E)
offer Business/Office Publicity (E)
offer Business/Office Writing press releases
offer Business/Office LETS administration (E)
offer Business/Office Newsletters (E)
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Handmade ceramics (A)
offer Catering/Food Homemade soup (A)
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Painting murals (E)
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Illustrations, e.g children's leaflets (E)
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Handmade cards
offer Gardening/Horticulture Fruit and Veg picking (E)
offer Catering/Food Cake making (but not celebration icing) (E)
offer Languages/Translation Short French to English translations/interpreting (Q)
offer Domestic/Family Shopping (E)
offer Clothing/Textiles wool
offer Clothing/Textiles Secondhand jewellery
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Any item from the birds and bees shop
offer Clothing/Textiles Secondhand clothes
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Secondhand toys
offer Domestic/Family Hair cuts (amateur)
offer Sports/Social Windsurfing RYA Level 1
offer Domestic/Family Pet sitting
offer Domestic/Family Cleaning (E)
offer Catering/Food Cooking
offer Clothing/Textiles Simple sewing
offer Transport Transport (A)
offer Domestic/Family Childcare (E)
offer Domestic/Family Cleaning (E)
offer Domestic/Family Washing and ironing (E)
offer Domestic/Family Shopping (A)
offer Domestic/Family Waiting in for tradespeople (A)
offer Domestic/Family Support for older people
offer Domestic/Family Dog walker
offer Miscellaneous Resistance to Welfare Cuts info and lifts
offer Business/Office Writing
offer Health/Therapies Coaching
offer Business/Office Bookkeeping (E)
offer Gardening/Horticulture Garden watering
offer Domestic/Family Shopping
offer Domestic/Family Support for older people
offer Domestic/Family Dog walking (E)
offer Domestic/Family Shopping
offer Domestic/Family Waiting in for tradespeople
offer Sports/Social tennis, quiz partner, bridge informally
offer Transport lift in small car
offer Tuition maths science english to GCSE
offer Domestic/Family Collecting children from school (E!, CRB)
offer Domestic/Family Babysitting (E, CRB checked)
offer Domestic/Family Waiting in for tradesmen (E!)
offer Domestic/Family Babysitting (E)
offer Gardening/Horticulture Surplus plants (S)
offer Domestic/Family House sitting
offer Transport To or from Exeter airport
offer Gardening/Horticulture Plant watering (E)
offer Gardening/Horticulture Vegetable Gardening (E)
offer Gardening/Horticulture Gardening (A)
offer Gardening/Horticulture Gardening (A)
offer Domestic/Family Cat feeding
offer Gardening/Horticulture Vegetable Gardening advice(E/A)
offer Gardening/Horticulture Compost making advice (ex-chair Lympstone Compost)
offer Clothing/Textiles Simple sewing (e.g. buttons, hems) (A)
offer Domestic/Family Occasional help for cleaning / or another pair of hand to help with cooking or at a party
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Photography (E)
offer Health/Therapies Homoeopathy (E, Q)
offer Health/Therapies Hypnotherapy (E,Q) Stop smoking, lose weight, exam nerves, etc.
offer Health/Therapies Allergy testing (E,Q)
offer Health/Therapies Life coaching/mentoring (E,Q)
offer Business/Office Typing (E,Q)
offer Business/Office Fully Functioning home office
offer Tuition It Software Training
offer Health/Therapies Reflexology (Q- cert.1987)
offer Health/Therapies Hand massage (Q - cert. 1987)
offer Health/Therapies Pedicure
offer Health/Therapies Reflexology (Q-Dipl.)
offer Health/Therapies Reiki (Q-1&2)
offer Health/Therapies Tarot reading (Q)
offer Health/Therapies Foot reading (Q)
offer Business/Office Secretarial support (E)
offer Business/Office Proof-reading
offer Miscellaneous Facilitation
offer Domestic/Family Shopping
offer Gardening/Horticulture Hedge cutting
offer Domestic/Family Shopping (E)
offer Repairs/Maintenance Conservation cleaning (ex-NT - not general cleaning)
offer Repairs/Maintenance Basic home repairs - make do and mend (A)
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment PA Hire for small events/venues
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Secondhand books
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Loan of DVDs
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Bike Trailer
offer Sports/Social Face painting (E)
offer Technical/IT Computer Training
offer Technical/IT IT (E)
offer Gardening/Horticulture Garden Design
offer Gardening/Horticulture Gardening - basic digging etc
offer Transport Bicycle hire (2 bikes) from Lympstone
offer Transport Use of parking space in Lympstone
offer Technical/IT FREE help with LETS website
offer Domestic/Family Walking partner- Sightseeing companion - Occasional keeping company /help to someone housebound
offer Gardening/Horticulture Gardening
offer Transport To or from railway/bus station
offer Domestic/Family Dog walking
offer Business/Office Editing
offer Transport Lifts to hospital, GP (A)
offer Catering/Food Homemade chutney (A)
offer Domestic/Family Childcare (E,Q) CRB check, Cert Ed.
offer Tuition Felting workshops (E)
offer Domestic/Family House sitting
offer Tuition Yoga lessons (E,Q) Classes and one-to-one
offer Tuition Ikebana tuition (Q, 4th grade teacher)
offer Tuition Family history advice (ex-Sec, Exmouth Family History Club)
offer Gardening/Horticulture Gardening
offer Repairs/Maintenance 3 section ladder
offer Tuition English language teacher (Q-Cert & Dipl.)
offer Tuition Beginner Japanese speaking (E)
offer Retail test offer.
offer Technical/IT Computing Help
offer Transport Lifts to/from Exeter
offer Business/Office Proof-reading
offer Domestic/Family Cat/Dog feeding and care
offer Miscellaneous Internet Search/Research
offer Domestic/Family Personal Assistant, Disabilities
offer Tuition Study Skills
offer Domestic/Family Dog walking
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Magazines - BBC Wildlife Jun 1990 - Feb 2001, Kindred Spirit 1989 - 2007, Living Earth (Soil Association) Apr 1988 - Dec 2007
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Poetry readings / workshops
offer Business/Office Proofreading
offer Domestic/Family Waiting in for tradespeople
offer Gardening/Horticulture Plant watering (E)
offer Domestic/Family Shopping (E)
offer Gardening/Horticulture Gardening (S)
offer Transport Chauffering (E)
offer Transport Taking items to the recycling centre
offer Transport To or from hospitals
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Cardmaking
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Scrapbooking
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Wedding stationery
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Apple
offer Technical/IT PC Health Check
offer Business/Office Website Review
offer Creative Arts/Crafts teach knitting
offer Tuition Support in writing tasks
offer Domestic/Family Waiting in for tradespeople
offer Catering/Food Country Wine ready soon
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Airbrush artwork portraits, fantasy art on Canvas or anything!
offer Sports/Social Running buddy, training tips
offer Transport Car driver / chauffeur
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Ladder hire (3 section)
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Cider / apple / fruit press hire
offer Catering/Food Breadmaking (E,Q)
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Car Tow-bar rack (fits on to car towbar - need individual number plate great for holiday travel )
offer Tuition Guitar lessons
offer Business/Office Admin/Office help
offer Domestic/Family Moving furniture / Waste
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment African Music Trio for hire!
offer Manufacture/Building Extra pair of hands - decorater/window fitter/demolition etc.
offer Transport Driver 7.5 tonne / Van / Clean licence
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Drumming group for teambuilding/schools /events
offer Gardening/Horticulture Wildlife gardening consultancy
offer Creative Arts/Crafts craft tuition, knitting, card making, sewing
offer Clothing/Textiles Curtain Making
offer Business/Office Laminating & Printing - small scale
offer Business/Office Project Managing
offer Business/Office Proof Reading
offer Health/Therapies Pharmacy techincian
offer Health/Therapies Advice on Forever Living Aloe Products
offer Tuition EBay selling
offer Gardening/Horticulture Help with felling trees
offer Manufacture/Building Help with self-assembly sheds/furniture
offer Sports/Social Motorcycle companion
offer Domestic/Family Shopping
offer Transport Lifts to shops/station/airport
offer Health/Therapies Makeup makeovers
offer Health/Therapies Eyebrow plucking
offer Domestic/Family Personal clothes shopper
offer Health/Therapies Shoulder massage
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Car sketches
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Photo collages
offer Catering/Food Freezable Pies
offer Tuition Learn to play Bridge
offer Health/Therapies Personal Training
offer Tuition NVQ proof reading - as I am an IV
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Trailer hire
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Tool hire
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Wine-Cork Frames
offer Transport Local passenger lifts (approx 20 M radius). Can do late night by prior arrangement.
offer Business/Office Serviced Offices
offer Space/Accommodation Serviced Offices
offer Business/Office Meeting room
offer Health/Therapies therapy rooms
offer Domestic/Family Independent Financial Advice
offer Business/Office Independent Financial Advice
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Loan of books/DVDs
offer Miscellaneous photography/album collaberating
offer Business/Office Occasional general office help
offer Languages/Translation French conversation/ tuition (Being a native) Help with French visitors /guests
offer Domestic/Family Holiday house/garden minding
offer Gardening/Horticulture Hedge and bush trimming
offer Tuition Computer Training
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Embroidery/leather pictures - for sales and workshops
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Champ-Angels (decorative angels made of champagne corks!)
offer Catering/Food Home-made Chutneys
offer Catering/Food Home-made Chilli Sauce
offer Catering/Food Catering - parties and events
offer Health/Therapies Reiki Master
offer Domestic/Family Dog walking/ caring for...
offer Catering/Food Shopping/Delivery
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans go pac light weight trestle tables
offer Domestic/Family washing/ironing
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment face painting
offer Catering/Food cake making
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Dvd/cd loan
offer Domestic/Family elderly sitting
offer Domestic/Family Babysitting
offer Domestic/Family Chess partner
offer Board games loan
offer Transport Occasional driver
offer Tuition Creative writing tuition
offer Tuition Cooking lessons
offer Domestic/Family Pet-sitting
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Graphic Design
offer Creative Arts/Crafts T Shirt Printing
offer Domestic/Family dog walking
offer Gardening/Horticulture light garden work
offer Tuition felt making classes
offer Domestic/Family childcare
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment kids parties
offer Domestic/Family petsitting
offer Domestic/Family transport
offer Domestic/Family tip runs
offer Space/Accommodation shed storage space
offer Health/Therapies Healing
offer Domestic/Family Childcare (CRB checked)
offer Domestic/Family House sitting
offer Domestic/Family Waiting in for tradesmen
offer Catering/Food Baking (banana bread)
offer Catering/Food Baking (muffins)
offer Domestic/Family Support for older people
offer Domestic/Family Washing
offer Repairs/Maintenance hire of various tools including water jetter
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Storytelling - all ages
offer Business/Office Organizing documents
offer Business/Office Computer MS office application basic
offer Catering/Food Fudge
offer Pies
offer Catering/Food Ice-cream maker(minimum 2 litres)
offer Tuition Conversational French
offer Catering/Food Home-made desserts
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Poetry Reading
offer Transport Lifts anywhere
offer Catering/Food Cakes
offer Technical/IT IT Software training
offer Miscellaneous Event Planning
offer Technical/IT Data Input
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Acting
offer Domestic/Family Pet Sitting
offer Transport Lifts EX8 Area
offer Business/Office Book Keeping
offer Tuition Book Keeping
offer Domestic/Family Dog Walking
offer Domestic/Family Baby Sitting
offer Business/Office Typing/inseting data on computer
offer Domestic/Family Family canoeing from back garden 50 Camperdown Terrace. Beginners/fun canoeing
offer Clothing/Textiles curtain and blind making
offer Domestic/Family childcare
offer Creative Arts/Crafts posters, designs murals and crafts (not IT designs)
offer Clothing/Textiles repairs and small projects
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Poetry Reading
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Group Circle Dancing
offer Miscellaneous Family History
offer Transport Occasional day time to & from : Doctor, Church, Station, etc in Exmouth only
offer Transport Car lifts (E)
offer Tuition Folk Guitar/mandola for Beginners
offer Health/Therapies Nutritionist
offer Gardening/Horticulture Mowing, strimming, hedge cutting
offer Transport Occasional chauffeour
offer Repairs/Maintenance Clearing and minor repairs to gutters at bungalow height
offer Gardening/Horticulture Moderately heavy duty help, garden/house
offer Basic Russian
offer Repairs/Maintenance Helping to choose paint colours for house painting
offer Gardening/Horticulture lawn mowing
offer Transport Pumping up Car tyres
offer Gardening/Horticulture Jet washing patio
offer Manufacture/Building Flat pack furniture
offer Repairs/Maintenance Decorating
offer Manufacture/Building Landscaping
offer Repairs/Maintenance Light electrical work
offer Sports/Social Walk Leader
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Acting
offer Beginners piano lessons
offer Health/Therapies Healing - (E, Q, Insured)
offer Repairs/Maintenance power washer
offer Gardening/Horticulture beekeeping help
offer Technical/IT electronics help/advice
offer Retail can help with selling things on a stall etc.
offer Domestic/Family dog walking, pet sitting, cleaning, elderly sitting, shopping
offer Business/Office Help with computer problems
offer Repairs/Maintenance Painting (S)
offer Transport House removal help
offer Repairs/Maintenance Light work around the home
offer Miscellaneous Item valuation
offer Clothing/Textiles Secondhand knitting needles
offer Catering/Food Cooking romantic meals/other catering in your home
offer Domestic/Family Cat feeding whilst on holiday
offer Miscellaneous Wedding photography
offer Miscellaneous board games partner/player
offer Creative Arts/Crafts puppet making
offer Catering/Food bread, cake
offer Business/Office Technical writing
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Megaphone for hire
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Help with knitting problems
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Hand Knitting tuition
offer Domestic/Family Childcare
offer Gardening/Horticulture Gardening
offer Domestic/Family Housework
offer Domestic/Family Family obituaries
offer Transport Lifts to/from Hertfordshire/North London
offer Health/Therapies massage E Q
offer Manufacture/Building DIY
offer Manufacture/Building General building
offer Manufacture/Building Bricklaying
offer Transport Cycle courier (small items within a few miles of Exmouth)
offer Domestic/Family Cat feeding
offer Health/Therapies counselling
offer Gardening/Horticulture Light garden work (A)
offer Sports/Social Windsurfing tuition
offer Business/Office Help with word, excel, publisher
offer Technical/IT pc/laptop/Apple
offer Health/Therapies Swedish Massage
offer Catering/Food cooking and baking for special dietary requirements
offer Catering/Food helping out by social occasions
offer Creative Arts/Crafts decorating (mural projects)
offer Creative Arts/Crafts drawing
offer Domestic/Family dog walking
offer Sports/Social yoga
offer Tuition Hungarian language :)
offer Catering/Food Cold Smoking: fish garlic cheese
offer Repairs/Maintenance Carpet cleaning
offer Tuition Rag rugging - individuals/groups (A, Insured)
offer Repairs/Maintenance DIY - small jobs considered
offer Transport Driving -
offer Technical/IT IT general help
offer Repairs/Maintenance DIY - any jobs considered
offer Repairs/Maintenance Painting and decorating
offer Repairs/Maintenance Building work, laying patios, etc
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Ready made bunting for parties, indoor decoration
offer Business/Office CV writing
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Bunting made
offer Business/Office Proof reading
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Design advice
offer Gardening/Horticulture garden care
offer Transport lift to airport/hospital
offer Domestic/Family carer respite
offer Domestic/Family cat feeding
offer Domestic/Family Decorating
offer Clothing/Textiles curtain alterations/making
offer Repairs/Maintenance Domestic Electrical
offer Tuition Homework help and tuition (E,Q-Cert Ed)
offer Domestic/Family Cat feeding
offer Technical/IT Web skills (setting up a simple blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
offer Gardening/Horticulture General gardening help
offer Gardening/Horticulture Water butt installation
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Placards & banners for hire
offer Miscellaneous Making bespoke hula-hoops for all ages!
offer Domestic/Family Taking items (cardboard, etc) to the recycling centre
offer Repairs/Maintenance Painting, decorating and odd jobs
request Business/Office Press releases
request Gardening
request Business/Office Marketing advice
request Business/Office Envelope stuffing
request linking up water butt
request Gardening/Horticulture Garden planning advice/help
request Gardening/Horticulture Plants (veg/herbs/flowers for planters)
request Catering/Food Food
request Catering/Food Eggs, fruit and veg
request Catering/Food Honey
request Catering/Food Surplus allotment fruit and veg
request Catering/Food Veg and fruit (organic)
request Health/Therapies Life coaching
request Catering/Food Chutney
request Domestic/Family Ironing
request Domestic/Family Oven cleaning
request Technical/IT Use of high-resolution digital scanner for 35mm slides
request Clothing/Textiles Clothes altering
request Performing Arts/Entertainment Guitare lessons
request Domestic/Family Window cleaning
request Domestic/Family Cleaning brass
request Domestic/Family Catsitting
request Creative Arts/Crafts Greetings cards/wrapping
request Meditation Classes
request Repairs/Maintenance Car Service
request Domestic/Family Childcare
request Repairs/Maintenance Window cleaning
request Gardening/Horticulture garden pond pump
request Domestic/Family Window cleaning
request Domestic/Family Pet sitter/Dog walker
request Domestic/Family House cleaning
request Domestic/Family Window cleaning
request Clothing/Textiles Curtain making
request Tuition 1:1 Key stage 3
request Gardening/Horticulture Plants
request Gardening/Horticulture Occasional gardening
request Gardening/Horticulture Hedge trimming
request Clothing/Textiles Clothes alterations
request Catering/Food Bread, cakes
request Catering/Food Fish
request Catering/Food Honey, eggs
request Clothing/Textiles Clothes altering
request Health/Therapies Massage
request Health/Therapies Yoga
request Domestic/Family Catsitting/Feeding
request Tuition Learn to make jewellery
request Health/Therapies Osteopathy or chiropractic
request Health/Therapies Hypnotherapy
request Manufacture/Building Electrical
request Manufacture/Building Plumbing
request Domestic/Family Chimney sweep
request Gardening/Horticulture Gardening
request Technical/IT Computer/website assistance
request Manufacture/Building DIY
request Languages/Translation Norwegian tuition
request Repairs/Maintenance Appliance repairs
request Catering/Food Home-grown fruit and vegetables
request Repairs/Maintenance Decorating
request Domestic/Family Wood supplier (Logs)
request Technical/IT Computer advice
request Technical/IT Website design
request Technical/IT Computer skills and advice
request Technical/IT Computer help
request Catering/Food Chutney and Country Wine
request Transport Lifts
request Transport Transport
request Manufacture/Building Electrician
request Catering/Food Preserves and pickles
request Transport Transport to recycling centre
request Catering/Food Fruit and veg
request Tuition Piano tuition
request Repairs/Maintenance Plumbing
request Domestic/Family Occasional muscle power in house or garden
request Technical/IT test request
request Manufacture/Building House maintenance
request Transport occasional car lifts
request Health/Therapies Complementary therapies
request Tuition Guitar Lessons
request Secondhand Goods/Loans Rotavator
request Gardening/Horticulture Gardening help
request Health/Therapies Massage
request Gardening/Horticulture Fruit and veg
request Clothing/Textiles curtaining
request Repairs/Maintenance Car tyre pressures & minor checks
request Repairs/Maintenance occasional small jobs
request Sports/Social tennis, quiz partner, informal bridge lessons
request Sports/Social someone to go walking or sightseeing with
request wooden pallets wanted
request Manufacture/Building Chippy, Wooden gate etc,
request Manufacture/Building Pointing, brickwork,
request Catering/Food Fruit such as Plum, Grape, Strawberry, (Any Berries)
request weaving lessons
request Health/Therapies Health/therapies
request Repairs/Maintenance Decorating
request Health/Therapies Reflexologie
request Domestic/Family Window cleaning
request Sewing -curtains to be shortend
request Miscellaneous Firewood/Logs
request Miscellaneous Homebrewed beer
request Miscellaneous Economical electric heater
request Catering/Food Fresh veg
request Secondhand Goods/Loans Music equipment
request Secondhand Goods/Loans Laptops for Africa
request Performing Arts/Entertainment Sound recording equipment/assistance
request Secondhand Goods/Loans Car CD player/radio
request Sports/Social Motorbike Ride-outs
request Transport removal van drivers
request Tuition clarinet tuition
request Domestic/Family childcare
request Tuition 1:1 reading key stage 2
request Gardening/Horticulture Hedge Trimming
request Business/Office Proof Reading
request Spinning lessons on New spinning wheel
request Sports/Social Motorcycle companion
request Health/Therapies Massage
request Catering/Food Fruit/vegetables
request Health/Therapies Massage
request Health/Therapies Homoeopathy
request Health/Therapies Manicure
request Gardening/Horticulture Fruit/Veg bed available
request Health/Therapies foot care
request Clothing/Textiles Clothes alterations
request Health/Therapies Alternative therapies
request Catering/Food Home-grown veg/fruit
request Repairs/Maintenance Small DIY jobs
request Transport Lifts to/from Hertfordshire/North London
request Technical/IT computer training
request Transport Airport drop off
request Transport Lifts
request Transport Bicycle maintenance
request Tuition Meditation Classes
request Gardening/Horticulture mowing and weeding
request Yoga Classes
request Occasional Crone-Sitting (for my newly disabled husband, Noel, while I go shopping etc.)
request Gardening/Horticulture Holiday garden-watering
request Repairs/Maintenance decorating
request Tuition Guitar Lessons
request Tuition Sailing Tuition
request Repairs/Maintenance Home Improvement
request Repairs/Maintenance Mechanic
request Domestic/Family homemade jams,chutneys
request Domestic/Family pet sitting
request Clothing/Textiles loaning of suits/fancy dress
request Catering/Food homegrown veg/fruit
request Performing Arts/Entertainment singing lessons
request Languages/Translation learn french
request Technical/IT It/spreadsheet/window training
request Domestic/Family parcel delivery waiting
request Transport tip runs
request Repairs/Maintenance Decorating
request Technical/IT Setting up of video/DVD
request Transport Lifts
request Repairs/Maintenance tiler
request Miscellaneous fire wood we can collect and chop
request Gardening/Horticulture Tree Surgeon
request Health/Therapies reflexology
request Health/Therapies massage/relexology
request Domestic/Family hoovering, dusting
request Technical/IT IT tuition
request Domestic/Family Foot massage
request Gardening/Horticulture mowing grass
request Health/Therapies any willing to be guinea pig
request Domestic/Family cleaning
request Tuition Guitar
request Transport Occasional Lifts
request Domestic/Family Dog Walking
request Transport Service VDub Camper
request Repairs/Maintenance Replace Flooring
request Repairs/Maintenance Rebuild small wall
request Manufacture/Building External Wall Rendering
request Gardening/Horticulture Bedding Plants
request Gardening/Horticulture Help moving and replanting bushes
request Catering/Food wine
request Creative Arts/Crafts Picture framing
request Gardening, including Hedge Trimming
request Domestic/Family Window Cleaning of Ground Floor Flat - at least every 2 months
request hedge trimming
request Rehanging bathroom door
request i would like a lift once a month or 6 weeks to tesco or aldi
request Catering/Food Eggs
request Catering/Food Bread
request Catering/Food Fruit
request Catering/Food Vegetables
request Domestic/Family hand knitted egg cosies
request chutney
request Catering/Food Fresh garden produce in season
request Repairs/Maintenance general maintenance
request Technical/IT computer help
request Health/Therapies hypnotherapy
request Gardening/Horticulture Gardening
request Repairs/Maintenance Plastering
request bird box
request Technical/IT Website preparation and overview
request Retail Macro Lens
request Creative Arts/Crafts Banana
request Domestic/Family DIY person to help with little jobs around house
request Miscellaneous Legal advice on tenancy
request Health/Therapies massage
request reikie
request Catering/Food cakes / pies
request Tuition Surfing lessons (novice)
request Business/Office Press & Publicity Officer
request Gardening/Horticulture gardening help
request Business/Office Fund raisers
request Domestic/Family Lifting heavy furniture
request Tuition guitar, mandolin
request Catering/Food homemade wine
request Transport Occasional chauffeur
request Domestic/Family Home hair cuts
request Health/Therapies Haircuts
request Health/Therapies Manicure/pedicure
request Health/Therapies Facials/waxing
request Health/Therapies Massage/reflexology
request Repairs/Maintenance Picture framing
request Tuition German lessons
request Manufacture/Building DIY
request Transport Occasional airport run
request Gardening/Horticulture Runner bean plants
request Clothing/Textiles Fabric, clothes wanted especially fine or light weight with small pattern.
request Creative Arts/Crafts Plastic dolls-Barbie, Bratz for upcycling
request Repairs/Maintenance carpentry/plumbing
request Transport lift to/from airport
request Gardening/Horticulture holiday cover for garden/allotment
request Health/Therapies pedicure and manicure
request Repairs/Maintenance Decorating (Buddy decorating!)
request Gardening/Horticulture Watering garden
request Health/Therapies Massage (shoulders and/or back)
request Health/Therapies Yoga classes
request Tuition Windsurfing lessons

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