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March 16, 2019

2019 subscriptions now due

Please pay your £5 membership subscription by cash, cheque or PayPal. Thank you.

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Exmouth LETS uses a virtual currency, called the Cockle. All services are priced at the rate of 10 Cockles per hour. For the purposes of pricing goods, 1 Cockle can be regarded as the rough equivalent of £1. To help you start trading, new members are credited with 10 Cockles. Your account does not need to be in credit for you to trade.






Latest News

Posted 3 days ago

Exmouth LETS’ Beetle Drive gets into gear

There was plenty of fun, chat, tea and trading at Exmouth LETS’ recent social event. 

It was also a chance to meet some new members, who have brought fresh skills and services into the town’s Local Exchange Trading System. 

The occasion was a Beetle Drive, held at Exmouth’s Bay Leaf café. 

The fun event – in which players compete to draw a beetle – proved a winner, while traded items included CDs, cards and books. 

“It was terrific to see some new members at our Beetle Drive,” said Paul Strange, Exmouth LETS chair.

“Their skills include reflexology and sewing.”

Exmouth LETS is a not-for-profit, community-based, cash-free barter system. It uses its own virtual ’currency’, the Cockle, allowing members to trade goods and services without money. 

“Come and join us,” said Paul. “You’ll find we’re a welcoming community group, keen to help others and make Exmouth a great place to live.”


Beetle drive
Posted 4 days ago

 2019 annual subscriptions now due

Please pay your £5 membership subscription by cash, cheque or PayPal, as soon as possible.

The subscription is due now.  

Please see news story below for more information.

Many thanks.  

Exmouth LETS Core Group 



Posted 3 weeks ago

Beetle Drive!

Our first social event of 2019 will be a Beetle Drive at the Bay Leaf Cafe on the Strand in Exmouth on Wednesday 13 March from 7.00pm to 9.00pm.
Light refreshments will be available, and you are invited to bring any items (home grown/made produce, unwanted Christmas gifts, etc.) for trading.
Our past Beetle Drives have provided much hilarity, and are a great way to meet your fellow LETS members, so we hope to see a good crowd of you there on the night. Do feel free to bring a guest, but please let us know how many of you are coming to give us an idea of numbers for the catering.
The event is also an ideal opportunity for you to pay the Exmouth LETS 2019 annual subscription in person. It is £5 for the year. See story below on how to pay the annual subscription. 

We look forward to seeing you soon, so remember to beetle down to the Beetle Drive on 13 March!

Happy trading!

If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us at the Contact Us link above. 


Posted 3 weeks ago

Please renew your annual subscription!

We would like to remind you that for those of you who have not paid already (e.g. new members who have joined in the last few months) annual subscriptions are now due.

We did not take any renewal payments last year because of the ongoing problems with the website, but now everything is working properly again, we will be collecting the annual £5 membership fee.

This can be paid through PayPal via the Exmouth LETS website, by cash in person at the Beetle Drive on Wednesday March 13 (see above), or with a cheque made payable to Exmouth LETS and sent to: Exmouth LETS, c/o 9 Clarence Road, Exmouth EX8 1LE.

Happy trading!

If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us at the Contact Us link above 

Posted 3 months ago

 Exmouth LETS Christmas Social and Trading Event

You are warmly invited to the Exmouth LETS Christmas Social and Trading event between 7pm and 9pm on Tuesday, 11 December at the Devoncourt Hotel bar, Douglas Avenue.

Join fellow Exmouth LETS members for drinks from the bar, chat and cash-free trading.  

A relaxed evening, it's also your chance to enjoy the hotel's legendary Christmas lights.

If you have any seasonal items you'd like to trade for Cockles, please bring them along. 

New members are welcome. You can join Exmouth LETS at the event. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Posted 7 months ago

Afternoon tea and trading in Exmouth

We would like to warmly welcome all LETS members and their families to an afternoon of tea and trading at the Blackmore Theatre in Bicton Street on Saturday, August 11, 2pm-4pm. 

New members are also welcome, and can sign up to LETS on the day. 

“Our afternoon tea is a chance to meet others in the LETS community and to trade goods with them for Cockles,” says Sarah King, Exmouth LETS social secretary. “You can also look at our website, ask questions and get hands-on help.”

The afternoon tea is a bring and share event, so we ask you to bring a plate of food to share and something to drink if you wish. Teas and coffees will also be available for a donation.  

A table will be provided for goods to be traded. Please make sure all goods are clearly marked with the Cockle amount and your name. 

If you wish to have your own table - to promote a service that you are offering, etc - please email 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Posted 8 months ago

Green Drinks... with a talk about Exmouth LETS

This Thursday (July 5), Paul Strange - Exmouth LETS chair - will give a talk about the relaunch of the Exmouth LETS (see news story below). 

The talk will give some of the background behind Exmouth LETS and the recent improvements that have been made to the website, enabling trading to begin again. 

There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and to sign up to the system. 

If you are already a paid-up member of Transition Exmouth, you will be offered free membership of Exmouth LETS until January 2019, enabling you to try out the system for yourself.

Green Drinks is at The Park pub on Exeter Road, with the talk starting at 7.30pm. 


Posted 9 months ago

Exmouth LETS relaunch!

After a lengthy period of inactivity, the Exmouth LETS is set to re-launch shortly. 

The official relaunch event is on Wednesday, 11 July, 7pm-9pm, at the Blackmore Theatre bar, Bicton Street. 

All new and existing members of Exmouth LETS are warmly invited.  

Please bring some food and drink to share. Teas and coffees will also be provided.  




News Archive

Posted 1 year ago


Our recent AGM was very helpful.

New Core Group members were elected and things look promising for the system to continue. 

A further, more detailed update will follow. 



Posted 1 year ago
Posted 2 years ago

LETS at the West Country Traditions weekend.


Saturday 4 June Sunday 5 June. The Strand. 



LETS are having a stall at the West Country Traditions event in The Strand on Saturday 4 June and Sunday 5 June.

 Our base activities will be knitting, crochet and the button banner, with hopefully some spinning, weaving and possibly nautical knotting too. Come along and see us and learn more about how LETS can work for you. We are also looking for helpers for the stall. See news section for more details. 


Members of the core group will be co-ordinating our offering but we are also in need of some helpers for a couple of hours (or longer if you can) on both days.  


This could involve helping with the activities or just chatting to people about LETS and handing out leaflets.  We will be under cover, so no worries about the weather, and it should be a fun and sociable occasion.  These activities always attract a steady interest from the public.


Your presence would be much appreciated and will be rewarded in cockles at the usual rate of 10 cockles per hour.  Please let us know if you are interested in helping by replying to this email or telling one of the core group members.


Hoping you are able to help. 


Exmouth LETS Core Group

Posted 2 years ago


Tuesday, 19 April at 6.30pm, Rethink, Meeting Street



Dear Member

Here's a date to pop in your diary/organiser!  Tuesday 19 April from 6.30 onwards at Rethink, Meeting Street, Exmouth EX8 1LN.

It will be a light-hearted social occasion, starting with a shared meal, so you are invited to bring something suitable to share, either bought or home-made.  Any labelling you can provide is usually helpful to others.  LETS will provide soup and bread as well as hot/cold drinks.  Please feel free to bring a bottle if you wish.  

The Beetle Drive will be a great opportunity to mix with and get to know other LETS members, chat and set up trades, in the course of a mildly competitive game of pure chance where someone will end up the lucky winner.

This will be followed by a 'Rant' session, which permits, indeed encourages, anyone to let off steam about a topic of their choice for up to 3 minutes, so if something really gets up your nose, this will be your chance to let rip!  However, please adhere to common decency, which should include:

No personal insults or swearing

No slanderous, defamatory or offensive comments

No racist, homophobic, sexist or religious comments

No criticism of Exmouth LETS or its members (past or present)!


We think you will enjoy the evening, as these activities have provided much mirth in the past.  It is entirely free to members.  You may also bring non-members along for a small donation to funds.  And if you have something you want to trade for cockles, bring that along too.


See you there!

Exmouth LETS Core Group 

Posted 2 years ago


Tuesday, February 9 at 6pm, Rethink, Meeting Street



Our annual Mardi Gras event with pancakes galore!

Meet, eat, chat, trade, and eat some more!

The challenge is on to find the best filling, so bring your offering and see how it measures up!

Pancakes, tea, coffee and juice provided free of charge, bring your own beer/wine.

During the evening we will be presenting a donation to Rethink as a thank-you for letting us use their space.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Posted 2 years ago

LETS make cards and banners!

Our next LETS event will be a card and banner-making workshop, details as follows:
Venue: Rethink, Meeting Street, Exmouth
Date: Sunday 22 November
Time: 2.30 to 5.30 pm
Materials will be provided for the card-making, which could have a Christmas or other theme, as you wish.  Feel free to drop in at any time during the afternoon to make a few cards and indulge your creative side.
If you wish to make a banner/placard (Transition Exmouth are joining us with a view to preparing some for the Climate March on the following Sunday, 29 November), you are asked to bring some coloured waterproof paint with you if you have some.  Otherwise just yourself and your ideas!  There will be plenty of space available for you to work.
This event is free to LETS members, friends and family, though we may ask for a small donation towards materials.  Children are most welcome.
We expect this to be a fun and sociable afternoon, so please reserve the date in your diary NOW!

Exmouth LETS Core Group 

Posted 2 years ago

Exmouth LETS fifth anniversary party – buffet supper, skittles and AGM


You are warmly invited to attend the Exmouth LETS fifth anniversary party, comprising a buffet supper and skittles evening, plus our annual general meeting.

This will take place at the Great Western Railway Staff Association Social Club, The Royal Avenue, Exmouth EX8 1EN, on Friday 16 October 2015 - with approximate timetable as follows:

5.45pm:  arrivals (free parking in short stay car park adjacent) 


8.00pm:  buffet supper

8.30pm: AGM 

Four documents – agenda, minutes of 2014 AGM; nominations slips; core group members and their roles – have been emailed to members. If you havent received your documents, please contact Exmouth LETS via the Contact Us section on the website.
The core group welcomes any members who would like to join us.  Please don't hesitate to nominate someone (with their permission!) or to get someone to nominate you if you think you can help in any way at all.  We're a very friendly team and we won't make too many demands on you!
The buffet will be provided by the Railway Club at a cost of £5 a head. LETS members will be charged £3 + 2 cockles. Visitors are welcome at the full £5 for buffet and skittles, but will, of course, have no voting or speaking rights at the AGM. We expect the AGM to be of short duration.
Skittles has always proved a popular event and we hope as many of you will join us for this important 5-year milestone for Exmouth LETS.  We will need to know approximate numbers in due course for the buffet, and whether there are any particular dietary requirements (eg vegetarian).  All drinks should be purchased at the bar.
Should you wish only to attend the AGM, we have given an approximate time of 8.30 pm and will try to start as near to that time as possible.
Please get the details in your diary now and we look forward to seeing a good turnout on the day.  We're sure you'll have a great time.
Marian Beaumont, Secretary,  on behalf of the Exmouth LETS Core



Posted 3 years ago

Skittles Evening Friday 17 April 

Meet other LETS members and bring along friends for a convivial social evening: a game of skittles, buffet and LETS trading

Venue: the GWRSA club on the estuary (behind the sports centre), 5 The Royal Avenue, Exmouth EX8 1EN 

The cost will be £3 + 2 cockles (members), £5 (guests) to include buffet. Drinks can be purchased from the bar.

We do need to know numbers as we have to order the food in advance. It would be helpful if you could let us know if you need a vegetarian buffet please. 

Please book before Monday 13 April (email Jane Habermehl, who is co-ordinating.)

By the way, if you are going to the hustings, you are welcome to come and join us afterwards.

Hoping for a good turnout for what is always a fun evening.  See you there!

Exmouth LETS Core Group

Posted 3 years ago

Get tossing at LETS Pancake Night!

Calling all tossers!  Our next LETS event will be a 'Mardi Gras' style celebration, to be held on Monday, 16 February at Rethink, Meeting Street, Exmouth.  Doors open at 6pm and close again at 10pm.

Activities will centre around the humble pancake in anticipation of Shrove Tuesday.  For the competitive among you, there will be not one but two competitions:

  • Best pancake filling, with tasting opportunities for all and a prize for the winner, so start researching and practising those recipes now, or bring your old family favourite.
  • Best tosser!  Draw the oohs and aahs of your LETS friends with both the daring and the artistic style of your toss.  Another prize to be won.

LETS will provide copious amounts of batter to cover the inevitable losses and to ensure everyone can eat as many pancakes as they can manage.

LETS will also provide tea, coffee and soft drinks.  If you prefer alcohol, please feel free to bring along a bottle.

There will also be a trading table, and the ever popular LETS Tombola!  So if you have items to trade, please bring them along, suitably labelled with your name and price in Cockles.  Do not miss this chance to divest yourself of all those unsuitable Christmas gifts, either as tombola prizes or to trade.

The evening is entirely free for LETS members, so make sure you have paid your 2015 subscription, or you can pay our Treasurer on the night.  Friends and family are most welcome, for the nominal charge of £3 (so why not join for £5?)

Looking forward to seeing a good turnout for this our first event of 2015.  Don't miss out on the fun!

Best wishes



Exmouth LETS Core Group 

Posted 3 years ago

Bring and Share Supper + AGM

You are warmly invited to attend the Exmouth LETS Annual General Meeting & Bring & Share Supper to take place at the Rethink Centre in Meeting Street, Exmouth on Saturday 15 November 2014 - doors open 4.30pm for 5pm prompt start, with supper and fun activities to follow.
In advance of the AGM, members have recently been emailed four documents: Agenda; Minutes of 2013 AGM; Nominations slips; Core group members and their roles. 
If you haven't received these documents, please contact the secretary. 
The core group finds itself somewhat depleted following some mid-term resignations, so we are definitely looking for some new core group members to join us. Please don't hesitate to nominate someone (with their permission!) or to get someone to nominate you if you think you can help in any way at all. The demands are not onerous and you will be part of a very friendly team.
Exmouth LETS will provide drinks, home-made bread and soup, and we hope you will bring something to share if you can stay afterwards (suitably labelled if it is vegetarian, gluten-free etc.)  We do hope you can stay!  It's a good opportunity to socialise and meet other members, and we promise the AGM won't last too long.
Following supper, we have a couple of activities planned: a repeat of the very popular 'rant', which gives you the chance to let off steam and get that pet topic off your chest; and the LETS take on 'speed dating', 'speed trading', a fun way to meet everyone and exchange information on what you have to offer and what you are requesting on the LETS scheme.
Please put the details in your diary now and we look forward to seeing a good turnout on Saturday 15 November.  We're sure you'll enjoy it.

Best wishes

Marian Beaumont


Posted 4 years ago
Test 7th March 2014
Posted 4 years ago

LETS play and Trade at the Christmas Social!

Exmouth LETS is pleased to announce our Christmas Social and Trading evening. Come and join us at the GWRSA Railway Club on Friday 13th December from 7pm for skittles, nibbles, and bargains!


Exmouth LETS is pleased to announce our Christmas Social and Trading evening. Come and join us at the GWRSA Railway Club on Friday 13th December from 7pm for skittles, nibbles, and bargains!

We were quite bowled over by your contributions to last years event, so here's to another success in 2013!

This is a great opportunity to catch up with your fellow members, and to try your hand at traditional pub skittles in our friendly competition.

Please do bring your items to trade and use those cockles to avail yourself of some unique Christmas treats. We expect to have some beautiful gifts, cards and decorations which will bring a unique and frugal element to your festive preparations.

Remember that you don’t need a positive Cockle balance to trade, acquiring something today simply means that you promise to give some time when you can, so don’t be afraid to splash those Cockles around!

This will be a ‘bring and share’ event so please bring along some Christmassy finger food, although there's no need to bring drinks for consumption on the night as there is a bar.

Non-members are welcome to attend, but there will be a small charge of £3 per adult. There will be an attendance sheet on the night so that we comply with the Railway Club's fire regulations, so please remember to sign in.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Posted 4 years ago

Exmouth LETS AGM and Harvest Supper 

As the evenings become shorter and the rusty leaves litter the ground, LETS get together!

The Exmouth LETS AGM and Harvest supper will be held at Rethink, Meeting St. Wednesday 16th October. 6pm for 6.30 start.

After the beautiful summer we have enjoyed, the time draws near when we take stock of our year. This is your chance to find out how Exmouth LETS has progressed through 2012-13, and to see what we have planned for the year ahead; you can appoint the team that keeps Exmouth LETS operating, or even put yourself forward as a new member of the Core Group! It’s also a good opportunity to put forward any ideas you may have regarding any aspect of the LETS system.

Once AGM business has been concluded, we will be holding our bring-and-share Harvest Supper and trading event. A light supper of soup and rolls will be provided, so we ask you just to bring a plate of food to share with everyone. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and a special(!) sherry punch will also be provided by the LETS team.

As ever, we will have our LETS tombola and trading table. This is a great time to take advantage of the harvesters and crafters by grabbing a few treats or (very) early Christmas presents. If you would like to trade any items please bring them along, first labelling them with your name, LETS membership number and the item’s price in cockles.

Everyone is welcome to the AGM and Harvest supper, but only LETS members can vote. The minutes of last year’s meeting will be emailed or posted to members along with an agenda for the forthcoming meeting.

Posted 4 years ago

Exmouth LETS website back up and running!

GOOD NEWS! The Exmouth LETS site is back up and running! 

Apologies that we had to remove the site from the net for a few weeks.

We were experiencing many problems with the site, including logging-on difficulties.

The problems were so serious that we felt it best to remove the site from the net while the issues were sorted. 

Our previous website administration is no longer handling the site.

We have recently switched website administration to Vibrant Pulse.

Many thanks to Vibrant Pulse for sorting some key issues.

Work is ongoing, so if you experience problems with the site, please contact Michelle Woolf - - phone 01395 227660. 

Michelle will then take up the problem with Vibrant Pulse for you. 

Meanwhile, nice to be back, and LETS get trading again!

Paul Strange

on behalf of the Exmouth LETS Core Group


Posted 5 years ago

LETS Make do and mend!

Join us for a make-do-and-mend session at Rethink, Meeting Street, at 11am on 7th of April to breathe new life into your neglected but treasured old garments! 

Everyone has a few items lurking in Narnia that could use some care and attention; tricky hems and worn buttonholes, tears and thread-bare-from-wear. Here is your opportunity to revive some of your favourite things, in good company and with valuable experience at hand.

Dee Sandham will be in attendance with her trusty sewing machine to answer any queries you might have about your repairs and adjustments, and also to help with some of the trickier techniques. There will also be sewing machines available for your use.

Nothing to repair? Well show us your creative side. There will be plenty of fabric, thread, buttons and ribbons so come along for a play and go home with something gorgeous that you have made!

There will be a light lunch of soup provided as well as hot drinks, and we invite you to bring some food to share with the group.

Admission: LETS members, family and friends - 3 Cockles each. This event is also open to non-members at a rate of £3. Any non-member who joins LETS on the day will only pay an extra £2 for a full year's subscription.

Posted 5 years ago

Swish Swish........ LETS Renew! 

We can renew in more ways than one this Friday 1st February, 7pm at the Rethink Centre, Meeting St.  Join us for an adventure into 'Swishing': the eco-conscious fashion craze that has been adopted all over the world!

Every year in the UK we buy around 2 million tonnes of clothes, and throw away 1 million tonnes , all of which comes with a colossal footprint of embedded energy, water and toxins. According to the Observer journalist Lucy Siegle, author of To Die For: is Fashion Wearing Out the World?, the average woman owns 22 items she's never worn. 

We all love the feeling that new clothes can bring, but how can we balance our responsibility to our world with our desire for change and self-expression? Swishing (the sound of rustling clothes from your friends according to allows us to get our hands on good quality clothes and accessories for free thereby reducing the amount of our money spent buying new on the high street and the associated cost to the environment.

Rules of the Rail:

1.     Everyone must bring at least one item of good quality clothing. Bring items that you would be proud to give away!

2.     There will be time to browse before the swap begins.

3.     No item can be claimed before the swap opens.

4.     Everyone may take what they want when the event is declared open.

5.     No spitting, scratching, or fighting!

Come and give it a go! This is an event for men and women so boys, please bring your unwanted quality clothing, shoes or hats to swap as well.

Even if you have no interest whatsoever in clothes swapping, our annual renewal time has come around again and we would love to see your faces! Come and re-acquaint yourselves with the Exmouth LETS folk this Friday. It's a good opportunity to renew your membership in person over a cup of tea and a biscuit!

Posted 5 years ago

Subscription time! Annual fee remains at £5!

A REMINDER to all that 2013 subscriptions are now due.

The annual fee, which remains at £5, helps Exmouth LETS to cover administration costs and to provide refreshments for events.

To ensure your continued membership of Exmouth LETS, please pay your subscription by Thursday 31 January.

If you have a PayPal account, you can renew online via the Exmouth LETS website. This is highly recommended as it is easy to do and vastly reduces Exmouth LETS administration time.

To pay by PayPal, log in to the site, go to the Renew Membership link and follow the instructions. (Please ignore the fact that the page has 2012 information on it. We are in the process of updating the site. It will not affect your PayPal payment).

PayPal costs £5.38 (which includes a fee to PayPal, but is cheaper than sending a cheque by first-class post). Otherwise, you can pay by cheque or cash.

Cheques for £5 should be made payable to Exmouth LETS, to Exmouth LETS, c/o 9 Clarence Road, Exmouth, Devon EX8 1LE. Cash can also be hand-delivered to the same address. Please include your name, username, membership number, postal address, telephone number and email address with your cheque or cash.

NB: If we don't receive your subscription by Thursday 31 January, your account will be made dormant and you will no longer be able to trade via Exmouth LETS. However, your Cockles balance will remain on the system and will be available to you should you decide to reactivate your account at any time.

Posted 5 years ago

If You're Larkish... Come into the Parlour! 

Have you spent Christmas surrounded by incessant electronic noise and glowing screens? Do you feel cheated out of traditional games and long for Charades? Well come and join us for an evening of Parlour Games at Rethink, Meeting St. on Friday 11th January at 7pm.

As usual there will be our Tombola and Trading, a great way to release those unwanted Christmas gifts! Please remember to mark your items with your name and membership number.

There will be tea and coffee and some light nibbles provided, but do feel free to bring what you like.

We hope to see you there. Happy New Year!!  



Posted 5 years ago

Holy Seasonal Skittles! It's the LETS Christmas Social

You’ll be bowled over by the Yuletide offerings at the LETS Christmas social and trading event! Come and join us for an evening of skittles, swigging and swapping at the Railway Club from 6.45pm on Friday 14 December.

It's a great opportunity to catch up with your fellow members, and to try your hand at traditional pub skittles in our friendly competition.

Please do bring your items to trade and use your Cockles to avail yourself of some unique Christmas treats! We expect some lovely gifts, cards and decorations which will bring a unique and frugal element to your festive preparations.

This will be a ‘bring and share’ event, so please bring along some Christmassy finger food, although there's no need to bring drinks for consumption on the night as there is a bar.

Our special thanks to Avriel Trott, our new events coordinator, for organising this event. We’re all really looking forward to it!

IMPORTANT: Pease let Dee Sandham know, asap, if you are coming along to the skittles evening on Friday 14 December. To comply with its rules, the Railway Club has asked us to supply a list of LETS members who will be attending. 

Posted 5 years ago

Exmouth LETS AGM

IT’S THAT time of year again, as our Annual General Meeting comes around. A good opportunity to meet and get to know your fellow LETS trading partners, you can also learn how Exmouth LETS has fared during 2012, re-elect – or vote in new – Core group members, and to find out our plans for the future.

And as at last year’s AGM, once the meeting’s business is concluded, we’ll be holding a social and trading event. This will be a great chance to get some early Christmas presents, home-made pickles, chutneys and jams, plus there’s our popular tombola. A light supper, teas, coffees and soft drinks will be provided, but we’d greatly appreciate it if you could also please bring some additional food and drink to share.

And make sure you bring items to trade, marking them with your name, LETS membership number and the item’s price in Cockles.

Anyone is welcome to attend the AGM, but only LETS members can vote. More details about this event – including last year’s minutes, agendas, current Core Group roles, etc –will be emailed soon to all members, and posted to off-line members.

Exmouth LETS AGM, Saturday 10 November, 4.30pm for 5pm, Rethink Centre, Meeting Street

Posted 5 years ago

LETS’ Rant!

What gets your goat?

Exmouth LETS is giving you the chance to get things off your chest in a fun evening of rant, discussion and chat.

See you there!

Friday 12 October, 7pm, Rethink Centre, Meeting Street, Exmouth. Teas, coffees and refreshments provided

Posted 5 years ago


Create "Island Style" clothing with Exmouth LETS at the Exmouth Earth Festival

JOIN EXMOUTH LETS as we celebrate Nowhereisland's arrival on Saturday and Sunday, 4-5 August.

Nowhereisland - Alex Hartley's large floating artwork which is prompting debate about nationhood, hospitality, land grab, climate change, local food and local sustainability - will be anchored off Exmouth beach next weekend. 

We will be at the accompanying Exmouth Exmouth Earth Festival in the Pavilion Gardens. Complementing the Festival's focus on sustainability, we will be running a Make Do & Mend reskilling tent. This will show you how to make your own "Island Style" clothing from secondhand clothes and found materials. We are also launching a "Recycled Catwalk Challenge" to find the best fashions created from upcycled clothes and recycled materials. And if you have old clothes in need of a makeover, bring them along and see if we can help.

We'll be at the Exmouth Earth Festival from 11am-5pm. See you there!

Posted 6 years ago

Exmouth LETS swings into action for the Exmouth Festival!

EXMOUTH LETS will be out in full force at this year's Exmouth Festival. We'll be involved in Cafe Etc... and the Reskilling Workshops. Both events take place in the Manor Gardens on Saturday 2 June, 10am-4pm. Cafe Etc will be in the 'Pop Up' Art Centre (formerly the Tourist Information Centre), while the Reskilling Workshops will be alongside in the adjacent Community Tent. It would be great to see you at both events. See below for more details...

What's on the menu at Cafe Etc?

CAFE ETC... is the first event to be held in Exmouth's new 'Pop Up' Art Centre. It's open from 10am-4pm on Saturday 2 June, bringing not only coffee, cakes and refreshments, but also creative arts and an underlying sustainable message to festival goers.

The event has been organized by Exmouth LETS, Transition Town Exmouth and Createxe Arts. The three groups share common aims, inspired by the Transition Town environmental movement. The Exmouth Festival Cafe Etc... follows on from previous arts events in the town organized by the three groups.

"Moving Cafe Etc.. into the Manor Gardens during the Festival will bring our cash-free trading system to a much wider audience," says Delia Pemberton, Chair of Exmouth LETS. "As the recession begins to bite, cash-free trading makes perfect sense. Our membership is growing, with many skills and services available for free on the system."

LETS will have a display at Cafe Etc, along with information about the system. New members can join up on the day. There will also be information from Transition Town Exmouth. Spearheading Cafe Etc... will be the Createxe Arts exhibition, "The Only Way Is Exmouth". Artists include Jonno Pearson, Annette Ward and Roger Gibson.

"All the artists are people in and around Exmouth," says Roger Gibson of Createxe Arts. "The exhibition is called 'The Only Way Is Exmouth', which is a take on the TV programme, of course. The idea is that the subject matter of everything in the show has got something to do with Exmouth, and the materials - or the objects that are used - are from the town as well. I hope that people will see the work of the group, enjoy what they see and maybe take something away to think about."

After Cafe Etc... has finished at 4pm on Saturday 2 June, the Createxe Arts exhibition continues until 9pm. The exhibition is also open on Sunday 3 June and Monday 4 June, 10am-9pm.

Learn new skills and refresh your old ones

FANCY LEARNING some new skills or refreshing your old ones? Our reskilling workshops are just the answer. We're running them simultaneously alongside Cafe Etc... in the adjacent Community Tent at the Exmouth Festival on Saturday 2 June, 10am-4pm.

The workshops will allow you to re-learn useful skills that will save you time and money as well as being great fun. We plan to feature knitting, crochet, stitching buttons, sawing and drilling, and correctly wiring a mains plug.

"Many traditional skills have been lost over the years," says Delia Pemberton, chair of Exmouth LETS. "Our re-skillling workshops will be a great refresher for some, while others will be learning new skills. There's also a practical side to the workshops. I knew how to correctly wire a mains plug when I was nine, but some people haven't got a clue!

"Re-skilling is important for local sustainability as we all need to conserve our resources by making do and mending instead of throwing things away."

LETS displays during the Festival

AS WELL AS the Cafe Etc and Reskilling events, an Exmouth LETS display with information will be available in the Community Tent on Sunday 3 June and Monday 3 June.

Can you help out?

WE ARE looking for volunteers to help run the Reskilling Workshops and the stall at Cafe Etc... on Saturday 2 June. If you can help out for a couple of hours please contact Delia or Paul on 01395 272959, or Dee Sandham on 01395 263218. You'll also earn 20 Cockles!

 If you can help out on either day of the display, please contact Delia or Paul on 01395 272959. And you can earn Cockles too!

Posted 6 years ago

Cafe Etc... this Saturday

Café Etc… is the new free admission pop-up arts event with an underlying environmental ethos.

Happening every two months, it’s brought to you jointly by TTE, Createxe and Exmouth LETS.

The next Café Etc.. is on Saturday 14 April, 11am-3pm at The Grapevine on Victoria Road. It features live music from singer-songwriter Alex Gregory, plus great Grapevine food and drink, specially made cakes and a photography exhibition.

And, of course, there will be information from Exmouth LETS and Transition Town Exmouth.

A futher Café Etc.. is planned for Saturday 2 June.


Posted 6 years ago

LETS Spring Garden Special

IT'S SPRING and time to get going on your garden! To put you in the mood, learn more about gardening, to meet other LETS members and to enjoy some free refreshments, come along to our Spring Garden Special this Sunday (25 March) at 2pm at Rethink in Meeting Street.

Exmouth In Bloom is a group of volunteers whose aim is to improve the floral displays in and around the town. Pat Graham is the group's chairman. She'll be dropping by at about 3pm to have an informal chat and to answer any questions you may have about Exmouth In Bloom's work.

Exmouth LETS member Jenepher Allen will also be attending with her composting hat on, while Bee Warren says she will be happy to answer questions about wildlife garden design. We are also hoping that Dennis Attwood may do a repeat performance of his reseeding techniques, which he showed at last year's reskilling event. And Deirdre Ryan says she can show us how to make a hanging tomato planter out of a 2L bottle.

So make it a date this Sunday at 2pm at Rethink. If you have any items to trade, please bring them along, marking them with a price in Cockles and your membership number. Free refreshments, including cakes!

Happy trading!

Exmouth LETS Core Group

NB - don't forget that clocks go forward this Sunday.

Posted 6 years ago

Have fun on our Treasure Hunt!

How much do you know about Exmouth's fascinating history? 

Find out more about the town, get a little gentle exercise and maybe even win a prize by taking part in the Exmouth LETS Treasure Hunt, this Sunday (26 February). 

The Hunt starts at 2pm, from Rethink in Meeting Street. It's not a huge walk, is pretty much on the flat all the way, and the Hunt shouldn't take you more than about half an hour or so to complete, even at a gentle strolling pace. 

Not only that, but it finishes back at Rethink, so you can join us for tea, cakes and other refreshments afterwards!

There's also a trading table for Cockles, and – if you haven't done so already – an opportunity to renew your LETS membership for 2012. We also intend to have a computer up and running, so if you're having problems using the site, we can run through things with you. 

So come and join us on Sunday 26 February at 2pm at Rethink. 

And if you want to bring items to trade, mark them with your membership number and price in Cockles. 

See you there!

Exmouth LETS Core Group  

Posted 6 years ago

Subscription time!

A reminder to all that 2012 subscriptions are now due. 

The annual fee, which remains at £5, helps Exmouth LETS to cover administration costs and provide refreshments for events. 

If you have a PayPal account, you can renew online via the Exmouth LETS website. This is highly recommended as it is easy to do and vastly reduces Exmouth LETS administration time. 

To pay by PayPal, go to the Renew Membership link and follow the instructions. PayPal costs £5.38 (which includes a fee to PayPal, but is cheaper than sending a cheque by first-class post). Otherwise, you can pay by cheque or cash. 

Cheques for £5 should be made payable to Exmouth LETS, to Exmouth LETS, c/o 9 Clarence Road, Exmouth, Devon EX8 1LE. Cash can also be hand-delivered to the same address. Please include your name, username, membership number, postal address, telephone number and email address with your cheque or cash.

NB: If we don't receive your subscription by Wednesday 29 February, your account will be made dormant and you will no longer be able to trade via Exmouth LETS. However, your Cockles balance will remain on the system and will be available to you should you decide to reactivate your account at any time.  

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Cafe Etc returns!

THE NEXT Cafe Etc... is on Saturday 11 February, 11am-4pm at Exmouth's Axis Centre off The Strand.

The free admission drop-in café with an underlying environmental ethos runs from 11am to 4pm. As well as art from Marie Redwood, there's live music from The Alchemist's Wardrobe at 12 noon and 1.30pm. 

Exmouth LETS will also be there, with its own trading table. If you'd like to offer items for Cockles, please bring them along to the event and arrange for them to be removed at the end of the day if they are not traded. 

So who are The Alchemist's Wardrobe? Formed last year by folk singer-songwriter Lara Conley and multi-instrumentalist Niks, The Alchemist's Wardrobe is described as "a folk-world collaboration, with theatrical elements, both visually and musically". The duo are currently recording an EP, and their Café Etc... appearance is a warm-up for tour dates in the spring and summer.

 "It's great working with Niks," says Lara. "He’s such a varied musician, he can play so many different things. And they are all instruments you don’t necessarily hear that often. It’s nice to incorporate sounds from around the world and to be able to bounce off that. It's something we’re going to develop. It’s really exciting!"

Meanwhile Marie Redwood will be the Cafe's featured local artist. She works in acrylics and metal leaf, "exploring colour, light and space using textural application and pure creative expression to create large, colourful and beautiful works of abstract art".

 There will be refreshments at the Café, plus information from Createxe, Transition Town Exmouth and Exmouth LETS.

 "We're really looking forward to our second event," says a Café Etc... spokesman. "It's a great opportunity to hear new songs from some talented musicians, to enjoy some excellent artwork, and to learn more about how you can improve local sustainability. Not only that, but there's coffee, tea and home-made cakes. What could be better?"

 The Axis Centre is at 7-9 Market Street, Exmouth, round the corner from the cinema.

Posted 6 years ago


MANY THANKS to everyone who attended the recent Exmouth LETS AGM and Harvest Potluck Supper. We had a ball, and the food that everyone brought along for the Potluck supper was terrific!

A fuller report will appear in due course, but it was especially gratifying to see a number of members making trading transactions via the site, some for the very first time, and getting advice from Dean on the computer help desk (pictured right). 

It was also particularly good to welcome some new members. We hope to see them again at other events that are coming up soon. These include the Christmas Social (Friday 2 December from 6.30pm at Rethink in Meeting Street) and Cafe Etc... (Saturday 3 December from 10.30am at the Axis Centre in Market Street). More details about these events are in the news stories below.

Meanwhile, again thanks to everyone who made the AGM and Harvest Supper such a success.

Happy trading! 

Exmouth LETS Core Group 


Posted 6 years ago

Cafe Etc... to launch in December

CAFE ETC... – a new arts event for Exmouth with a strong environmental ethos – launches in December. It's a collaborative venture by Exmouth LETS, Createxe and Transition Town Exmouth. The three groups have joined forces to promote the inaugural event, which is at the Axis Centre, 7-9 Market Street, Exmouth, on Saturday 3 December, 10.30am–4pm. 

Cafe Etc... – a bimonthly fixture on the town's arts calendar – aims to promote community and creativity in Exmouth, bringing creative people together and their artistic expression to the wider public. The café will also have a strong environmental message, promoting Exmouth as a resilient, sustainable community. 

Something quite special 

“Cafe Etc... – a drop-in café with lots of creative and sustainable things going on – promises to be something quite special for Exmouth,” says Exmouth LETS and TTE press officer Paul Strange. “Inspired by the successful Arts Café events that were run by Createxe earlier this year [pictured right], there will be visual art on display, plus live music, poetry and some surprises. There’s no entrance fee – just buy a drink and maybe a home-made cake – and sit down and enjoy what’s on offer.

“Exmouth LETS, TTE and Createxe had common aims, so it made sense to pool our resources,” says Paul. “We were impressed by the Arts Café, which had a relaxed, welcoming vibe. It was a brilliant place to drop in, chill out and take in some great art, music and poetry. We intend to continue that with Cafe Etc...”

The first Cafe Etc... will feature local artists Claire Close, Brigit Frederiksen and Ali Pawson. Paul Barnham and guests will be playing jazz, there's classical music from a string quartet featuring Angela Ashwin and storytelling from Jenny Moon.

Posted 6 years ago

Exmouth LETS noticeboard is active!

We now have a new feature on the Exmouth LETS website!

A noticeboard – specifically designed for flagging up one-off and short-term offers – has recently been added. 

To view or to post to the noticeboard, you need to be logged on:

As well as the URL page link above, you can navigate to the page from your personal profile. Look for the Noticeboard link towards the bottom of the right-hand menu, just above Logout.

To post a notice, just Click the section Click here to Add, Remove or Edit a bulletin. Then follow the instructions.

For greatest impact, we recommend that you keep your text short. You can also add a photo to your bulletin, but please use a small photo (240 x 320 seems to work well). 

The noticeboard is designed for very short-term offers, etc. You can delete your notice at any time, but notices will automatically expire after 6 days. 

To repost your notice after 6 days, you'll have to re-enter your text and your photo. 

The noticeboard addition to the website is part of a number of ongoing improvements that we have been making to the website. 

Exmouth LETS Core Group


Posted 6 years ago


Exmouth LETS Christmas Social and Trading event 

Friday 2 December 2011, from 6.30pm at Rethink, 2-4 Meeting Street, Exmouth EX8 1LN

Drinks, nibbles, chat, fun and games, Scalextric plus LETS trading. 

For more details, contact Deirdre Ryan 

Happy trading!

Posted 6 years ago

Improvements and new features on the Exmouth LETS website

We are currently making a number of improvements and introducing new features to the Exmouth LETS website. 

More details soon...

Posted 6 years ago

Exmouth LETS on Facebook

Exmouth LETS will shortly have a Facebook page. This will work in conjunction with the main website page, enabling members to chat about Exmouth LETS, the transactions you have done recently and the ones you are looking forward to. The Facebook page will also allow you to flag up one-off offers, what you are looking for, etc, while we continue to work on a Noticeboard page for the main site. 

More details about Facebook soon...

Posted 7 years ago


2011 Subscriptions frozen!

HERE’S SOME news to warm the Cockles of your heart! All Exmouth LETS members who joined in 2010 will receive free membership for 2011. ‘The £5 subscription would normally be due in January,’ says chair Delia Pemberton, ‘But the core group thought it would be nice to thank everyone who showed faith in the system by signing up at the start. We’ve been through teething troubles with the website, and the members have been very understanding. We appreciate that money’s very tight for everybody at the moment, which is why we launched the system in the first place. Now the site’s running smoothly, we hope trading will really take off.’

December 2010

Christmas Cracker

Exmouth LETS will be at the Christmas Cracker event in The Strand on Friday 3 December and Saturday 4 December. We’ll be sharing a stall with Transition Town Exmouth. Come and see us there!

October 2010

LETS in action!

EXMOUTH LETS may have only been launched in August, but two months on, trading is already brisk…

It’s absolutely brilliant!’ says Paul Strange. ‘We’ve had pounds of windfall apples from other members, which we’ve turned into jam, jelly and chutney to sell for Cockles. In fact, we had so many apples that we hired a cider press off the system to make apple juice and cider. In addition we’re getting a wonderful loaf of homemade bread from Craig Jolly every week and we’ve had rejuvenating massages from Glenda Huggons. Our car’s off the road at the moment, so we were delighted that Goff Harris was able to give us a lift to the TTE Potluck Supper. We’ve also hired a tall ladder from Craig, which meant we could paint a very high wall in our courtyard garden. And the best thing is that – apart from material costs and an annual administration fee of £5 each – we haven’t had to pay a penny for any of this! paul

‘I've given a couple of full body massages and have received a wonderful, skilful and blissful reflexology session from Sue Down,’ says Glenda Huggons. ‘For both of us, who are no longer practising professionally, the LETS scheme provides us with the perfect opportunity to make sure our gifts and experience are not accumulating too much dust on the back-burner and will help us to “keep our hand in” (literally). We both shared our delight at having already met some lovely like-minded people who we felt we wouldn't otherwise have met.’


Exmouth LETS’ first AGM

EXMOUTH LETS’ inaugural general meeting will be held on Monday 25 October at 7.00pm at the Telfer Centre, Exmouth Community College (Gipsy Lane site). The meeting will be followed by a buffet supper and time for trading and chatting. There will also be a Q&A session and demonstration of the new website:

Financed by a grant from Exmouth Town Council and custom-built by Dean Lovett and Tarot Close from Re:Solution, the Exmouth LETS site is tailored specifically for us. It not only allows members to manage their own accounts, but to track transactions in progress, and to add or delete offers and requests. When fully operational, it will also have a noticeboard where you can post one-off offers and requests and a feedback section, so you can let others know how well a transaction went.

Anyone is welcome to attend the AGM, but only LETS members can vote. There is a charge of 3 Cockles for the supper, £3 for non-members. Members are invited to bring their transaction records or Cockles cheques so their accounts can be updated. And if you are offering your skills on the system, you are very welcome to give us a demonstration!

Members can also bring along any items they would like to trade for Cockles. Please label each one with your membership number and price in Cockles, plus any sterling cost for materials.

If you can help out on the evening, please contact Delia on 01395 272959 or email


Visit us at the Farmers Market!

EXMOUTH LETS now shares the Transition Town Exmouth stall at the monthly Farmers Market. The stall – manned courageously in all weathers by Dee Sandham (pictured) – is the system’s shop window, providing information to the public about Exmouth LETS and encouraging new members to join.

Members can pick up the latest Directory and members’ list, and drop off Cockles cheques for processing. If you are having any problems with trading, or have any questions about the system, Dee will do her best to help.

You are also welcome to bring along your craft products or surplus produce to sell to other LETS members for Cockles (or for cash to the public). Exmouth LETS will add a 50p surcharge to each item sold to help towards the cost of the stall.

The Exmouth Farmers’ Market takes place on the second Wednesday of each month. The next market is on Wednesday 10 November, 9am-1.30pm at the Imperial Road car park; thereafter it will return to The Strand.


August 2010

Exmouth LETS launch


AFTER TWO years of hard work, Exmouth LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) is finally up and running. Launched at the beginning of August 2010, the cashless barter system for goods and services now has more than 30 members trading with Exmouth’s local currency, the Cockle.

A wide range of goods and services – from chutney to home-baked bread, simple sewing to computer installation – is already available, and more will be added as new members join the system. There is an annual £5 subscription to cover administration charges, but new members are credited with five Cockles to help them start trading.


Exmouth Town Council has helped Exmouth LETS on its way with a £1,000 start-up grant for a sophisticated interactive website that will make it easy for members to trade and manage their accounts. ‘We’re extremely grateful to the Council,’ says Paul Strange, Exmouth LETS press officer. ‘Without the grant we couldn’t have got the project off the ground.’


Paul’s own band, the Paul Strange Quartet, got the system off to a rocking start at the Exmouth LETS launch, held at The Famous Old Barrel on 5 August. ‘We were delighted to help out,’ says Paul. ‘Sixteen people signed up to the system on the night, and many others were interested.’


‘We were thrilled with the positive response we received, and are very excited about launching the website, which we hope to unveil in a few weeks’ time,’ added Exmouth LETS Chair Delia Pemberton. ‘Tarot Close at Re:solution has come up with a superb design for the site, based on artwork by his wife Claire Close. It has a really seasidey feel, with sand, beach huts – and a cockle, of course!’


Have you got news for us?


We’d love to include your news items, photos, drawings, queries, trading tips, seasonal recipes, etc, on the website and in future issues of our newsletter. Please send them to

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