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Exmouth LETS uses a virtual currency, called the Cockle. All services are priced at the rate of 10 Cockles per hour. For the purposes of pricing goods, 1 Cockle can be regarded as the rough equivalent of £1. To help you start trading, new members are credited with 10 Cockles. Your account does not need to be in credit for you to trade.








I’ve just joined Exmouth LETS and have been credited with 10 Cockles. Can I trade immediately?

Yes! All services are priced at 10 Cockles per hour and your account does not need to be in credit for you to trade.


What about a minus balance?

That’s not a problem. The system can only work if some members have minus balances, (which we call ‘in commitment’). It’s far more important to be an active trader. So don’t worry about going into commitment.


How do I accrue Cockles?

You’ll soon start doing this once you actively trade, meet other members and people can see what services you’re offering. It’s very important to be proactive, so look out for member’s requests to see if you can help them. We also have a Noticeboard for one-off offers and requests. But don’t hang on to your Cockles! Spend them on other goods and services as soon as you can, to keep the system going.


I’d like to start trading using the website, but it does seem a little complicated…

Yes, we appreciate that, but we promise that it is quite simple once you get used to it! So, once you’ve edited your personal profile, get trading!


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