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Exmouth LETS uses a virtual currency, called the Cockle. All services are priced at the rate of 10 Cockles per hour. For the purposes of pricing goods, 1 Cockle can be regarded as the rough equivalent of £1. To help you start trading, new members are credited with 10 Cockles. Your account does not need to be in credit for you to trade.








We’ve completed the transaction. What next?

If you are the provider, you will need to mark the transaction as completed and enter the amount of Cockles you have agreed for the trade. The recipient will then be asked to confirm this. When they have done so, the Cockles will be transferred to your account and you will be notified of your new balance.


If you are the recipient, you will be notified of completion and asked to confirm. The Cockles will then be debited from your account and again you will be advised of your new balance.


The transaction process is now complete. Congratulations!


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