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Exmouth LETS uses a virtual currency, called the Cockle. All services are priced at the rate of 10 Cockles per hour. For the purposes of pricing goods, 1 Cockle can be regarded as the rough equivalent of £1. To help you start trading, new members are credited with 5 Cockles. Your account does not need to be in credit for you to trade.






Members Directory

The members directory shows all the offers / requests avaliable on the system including the member offering / requesting
Offer / Request Category Description / Details Member's Profile
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Handmade pottery (E,Q) deliapemberton
offer Business/Office Writing press releases paulstrange
offer Business/Office LETS administration (E) deliapemberton
offer Business/Office Newsletters (E) deliapemberton
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Handmade ceramics (A) anneweber
offer Catering/Food Homemade soup (A) deliapemberton
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Handmade cards rubyhorwell
offer Catering/Food Cake making (but not celebration icing) (E) anneweber
offer Languages/Translation Short French to English translations/interpreting (Q) marianbeaumont
offer Domestic/Family Hair cuts (amateur) deesandham
offer Catering/Food Cooking rubyhorwell
offer Clothing/Textiles Simple sewing rubyhorwell
offer Transport Transport (A) elinorscott
offer Domestic/Family Shopping rubyhorwell
offer Domestic/Family Support for older people rubyhorwell
offer Gardening/Horticulture Gardening (A) elinorscott
offer Clothing/Textiles Simple sewing (e.g. buttons, hems) (A) marianbeaumont
offer Domestic/Family Occasional help for cleaning / or another pair of hand to help with cooking or at a party maplefield
offer Business/Office Typing (E,Q) marianbeaumont
offer Business/Office Proof-reading paulstrange
offer Domestic/Family Shopping (E) goffharris
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment PA Hire for small events/venues paulstrange
offer Technical/IT FREE help with LETS website deesandham
offer Domestic/Family Walking partner- Sightseeing companion - Occasional keeping company /help to someone housebound maplefield
offer Catering/Food Homemade chutney (A) deliapemberton
offer Domestic/Family Childcare (E,Q) CRB check, Cert Ed. elinorscott
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Apple vibrantpulse
offer Technical/IT PC Health Check vibrantpulse
offer Business/Office Website Review vibrantpulse
offer Creative Arts/Crafts teach knitting rubyhorwell
offer Domestic/Family Waiting in for tradespeople goffharris
offer Transport Car driver / chauffeur Simon
offer Creative Arts/Crafts craft tuition, knitting, card making, sewing deesandham
offer Health/Therapies Makeup makeovers Kat
offer Health/Therapies Eyebrow plucking Kat
offer Domestic/Family Personal clothes shopper Kat
offer Health/Therapies Shoulder massage Kat
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Car sketches Kat
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Photo collages Kat
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Trailer hire adriantoole
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Tool hire adriantoole
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Loan of books/DVDs paulstrange
offer Business/Office Occasional general office help maplefield
offer Languages/Translation French conversation/ tuition (Being a native) Help with French visitors /guests maplefield
offer Repairs/Maintenance hire of various tools including water jetter deesandham
offer Clothing/Textiles curtain and blind making Jane Habermehl
offer Domestic/Family childcare Jane Habermehl
offer Creative Arts/Crafts posters, designs murals and crafts (not IT designs) Jane Habermehl
offer Clothing/Textiles repairs and small projects Jane Habermehl
offer Transport Occasional day time to & from : Doctor, Church, Station, etc in Exmouth only maplefield
offer Transport Car lifts (E) goffharris
offer Business/Office Help with computer problems Wokersien
offer Repairs/Maintenance Painting (S) goffharris
offer Creative Arts/Crafts puppet making BMM
offer Business/Office Technical writing adriantoole
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Megaphone for hire transitionexmouth
offer Domestic/Family Family obituaries adriantoole
offer Transport Lifts to/from Hertfordshire/North London adriantoole
offer Transport Cycle courier (small items within a few miles of Exmouth) Simon
offer Domestic/Family Cat feeding Simon
offer Health/Therapies counselling BMM
offer Gardening/Horticulture Light garden work (A) goffharris
offer Sports/Social Windsurfing tuition adriantoole
offer Business/Office Help with word, excel, publisher Wokersien
offer Catering/Food Cold Smoking: fish garlic cheese deesandham
offer Repairs/Maintenance Carpet cleaning deesandham
offer Tuition Rag rugging - individuals/groups (A, Insured) deliapemberton
offer Technical/IT IT general help RobMasding
offer Repairs/Maintenance DIY - any jobs considered RobMasding
offer Repairs/Maintenance Painting and decorating RobMasding
offer Repairs/Maintenance Building work, laying patios, etc RobMasding
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Ready made bunting for parties, indoor decoration Cassel Gerard
offer Business/Office CV writing Cassel Gerard
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Bunting made Cassel Gerard
offer Business/Office Proof reading Cassel Gerard
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Design advice Cassel Gerard
offer Gardening/Horticulture garden care nettyshipcott
offer Transport lift to airport/hospital nettyshipcott
offer Domestic/Family carer respite nettyshipcott
offer Domestic/Family cat feeding nettyshipcott
offer Domestic/Family Decorating nettyshipcott
offer Clothing/Textiles curtain alterations/making deesandham
offer Tuition Homework help and tuition (E,Q-Cert Ed) elinorscott
offer Domestic/Family Cat feeding elinorscott
offer Technical/IT Web skills (setting up a simple blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc) Simon
offer Gardening/Horticulture General gardening help Simon
offer Gardening/Horticulture Water butt installation Simon
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Placards & banners for hire transitionexmouth
offer Miscellaneous Making bespoke hula-hoops for all ages! Simon
offer Domestic/Family Taking items (cardboard, etc) to the recycling centre Simon
offer Repairs/Maintenance Painting, decorating and odd jobs Simon
request Gardening/Horticulture Garden planning advice/help deliapemberton
request Gardening/Horticulture Plants (veg/herbs/flowers for planters) deliapemberton
request Health/Therapies Life coaching elinorscott
request Domestic/Family Ironing deliapemberton
request Domestic/Family Oven cleaning deliapemberton
request Technical/IT Use of high-resolution digital scanner for 35mm slides paulstrange
request Performing Arts/Entertainment Guitare lessons maplefield
request Domestic/Family Window cleaning deliapemberton
request Domestic/Family Cleaning brass deliapemberton
request Domestic/Family Catsitting deliapemberton
request Creative Arts/Crafts Greetings cards/wrapping deliapemberton
request Gardening/Horticulture garden pond pump goffharris
request Clothing/Textiles Curtain making deliapemberton
request Clothing/Textiles Clothes alterations deliapemberton
request Catering/Food Bread, cakes deliapemberton
request Catering/Food Fish deliapemberton
request Catering/Food Honey, eggs deliapemberton
request Clothing/Textiles Clothes altering elinorscott
request Tuition Learn to make jewellery rubyhorwell
request Health/Therapies Osteopathy or chiropractic adriantoole
request Languages/Translation Norwegian tuition maplefield
request Catering/Food Home-grown fruit and vegetables elinorscott
request Catering/Food Chutney and Country Wine Wokersien
request Catering/Food Fruit and veg deliapemberton
request Secondhand Goods/Loans Rotavator anneweber
request Gardening/Horticulture Gardening help anneweber
request Health/Therapies Massage anneweber
request Gardening/Horticulture Fruit and veg anneweber
request Clothing/Textiles curtaining anneweber
request Repairs/Maintenance Car tyre pressures & minor checks marianbeaumont
request weaving lessons rubyhorwell
request Health/Therapies Health/therapies rubyhorwell
request Health/Therapies Reflexologie maplefield
request Tuition clarinet tuition deesandham
request Spinning lessons on New spinning wheel rubyhorwell
request Health/Therapies Massage Kat
request Health/Therapies Homoeopathy Kat
request Health/Therapies Manicure Kat
request Clothing/Textiles Clothes alterations paulstrange
request Health/Therapies Alternative therapies marianbeaumont
request Catering/Food Home-grown veg/fruit marianbeaumont
request Repairs/Maintenance Small DIY jobs marianbeaumont
request Transport Lifts to/from Hertfordshire/North London adriantoole
request Technical/IT computer training deesandham
request Gardening/Horticulture Holiday garden-watering deesandham
request Health/Therapies reflexology deesandham
request Health/Therapies massage/relexology deesandham
request Domestic/Family hoovering, dusting deesandham
request Domestic/Family hand knitted egg cosies goffharris
request Technical/IT Website preparation and overview transitionexmouth
request Retail Macro Lens vibrantpulse
request Creative Arts/Crafts Banana vibrantpulse
request Miscellaneous Legal advice on tenancy adriantoole
request Tuition Surfing lessons (novice) Simon
request Business/Office Press & Publicity Officer transitionexmouth
request Gardening/Horticulture gardening help BMM
request Business/Office Fund raisers transitionexmouth
request Domestic/Family Lifting heavy furniture goffharris
request Tuition guitar, mandolin BMM
request Catering/Food homemade wine deesandham
request Transport Occasional chauffeur deesandham
request Domestic/Family Home hair cuts deesandham
request Health/Therapies Haircuts deliapemberton
request Health/Therapies Manicure/pedicure deliapemberton
request Health/Therapies Facials/waxing deliapemberton
request Health/Therapies Massage/reflexology deliapemberton
request Repairs/Maintenance Picture framing deliapemberton
request Tuition German lessons deliapemberton
request Manufacture/Building DIY deliapemberton
request Gardening/Horticulture Runner bean plants Cassel Gerard
request Clothing/Textiles Fabric, clothes wanted especially fine or light weight with small pattern. Cassel Gerard
request Creative Arts/Crafts Plastic dolls-Barbie, Bratz for upcycling Cassel Gerard
request Repairs/Maintenance carpentry/plumbing nettyshipcott
request Transport lift to/from airport nettyshipcott
request Gardening/Horticulture holiday cover for garden/allotment nettyshipcott
request Health/Therapies pedicure and manicure deesandham
request Repairs/Maintenance Decorating (Buddy decorating!) elinorscott
request Gardening/Horticulture Watering garden elinorscott
request Health/Therapies Massage (shoulders and/or back) Simon
request Health/Therapies Yoga classes Simon
request Tuition Windsurfing lessons Simon

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